Sandella Fabrikken AS was established in 1960 in Straumgjerde for the purpose to produce rubber foam as upholstery material for the furniture industry. The company was an offshoot of Sande Fabrikker A/S which has produced foam rubber since 1947 as the first manufacturer in Norway. As increasingly greater part of production went to furniture industry in Sunnmøre the management found it expedient to place a manufacturing division to Sykkylven, the heart of furniture industry in Norway.

Manufacturing began in January 1961 in a former furniture factory in Straumgjerde. It soon became evident that the move to Sunnmøre was a good decision. In 1968 the production was relocated to a modern industrial facility in Vik and in 1969 the second building phase already was completed.  

New products are being developed all the time. Within the plastics sector, towards the end of 1960`s the developent of a moulded cold curde polyurethane foam had begun. This technology made incapsulating of other materials and provided the furniture industry different possibilities in the way of design and rational production. Spring 1970 we contacted the leading firm in Europe, Gommagomma, Milano and started trial production in Sykkylven. This became great success and after some time this division began two-shift production of polyurethane foam.

April 1974 the production of rubber foam had to be discontinued because of the oil crisis. Sandella invested than 100% in moulded flexible polyurethane foam and the first automated production machine was installed. After this more extensions of the factory followed and new production mashines were installed. 

In beginning of 1990`s we decided to start sales of our products outside Norway. Denmark was the first market we entered with big success. Later Sandella has expanded to new markets and are today selling in 15 countries in Europe, North America and Australia.

Sandella has aquired competence within products of steel, aluminium and construction/development through aquisitions of suppliers. Shape As in Ålesund is our newest aquisition. They are specialists within construction in 3D, product development, milling and reverse engineering. 

As a result of the investments Sandella has expanded and runs today companies also in Sweden and Lithuania. This has made the Sandella Group to the largest independent producer of moulded cold cure foam in Europe with a production of 1,4million parts and a turnover of NOK 120 million. 

Sandella has since foundation in 1960 been in the ownership of family Mehren.


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