Sandella Fabrikken AS
- from idea to reality



Sandella group is the ideal partner in product development from the good idea to finished products.

Sandella's expertise will help you to make prototypes using 3D design, scanning, milling or manual modeling of physical models.

Furthermore, we can also help with the design and manufacture of structural elements in steel, aluminum wood and plastic, produced by our own steel department, or from external suppliers, local or international.

And last, but not at least, our flexible molded polyurethane foam is praised among customers in Europe and North America for it's extremely good comfort and quality.




Sandella Group is currently the largest independent producer of molded foam in Europe, and employs 120 persons in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania.

The products are sold in 15 countries and the group had in 2016 a production of about 1.1 million pieces and a turnover of NOK 150 million.

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